Carolina Fall Classic DanceSport Championships 

October 4-6, 2019

Name of Organization -        Crowder DanceSport Nonprofit Corporation

Contact Person - Wayne Crowder, President

Email Address -

EIN -  81-3307184

Crowder DanceSport Nonprofit Corporation is a 501.c.3 educational organization.  Contributions will be tax deductible, and donations will be used for educational scholarships and the expansion of dance as a sport. Your support is urgently needed to help in the successful planning and execution of the events mentioned below. Our goal is to promote a positive and healthy sport throughout our nation and internationally. 

The purpose of this grant request is to support educational and promotional events for the 2019 calendar year.  

We are providing assistance where needed to support DanceSport athletes, initiate new dance interest, and provide scholarships. We also fund educational programs for both amateurs and professionals.

 You are an important part of the process.  Your contribution supports new and experienced dancers in their endeavor to improve and compete in dance