Valdis Skutans - A+, B+ WDSF


Valdis Skutans & Olga Blinova started dancing together in 2008 (August) as Professional They do not compete together anymore and were last registered as a couple in Russia. They danced in Professional .

Their first competition that is recorded in our database was in Russia - Moscow on 2008 (October). So far their best mark in our database is getting into 1 in the IPDSC Open Professional Standard (Grand-Prix Dynamo 2009 in Russia - Moscow on Saturday, 07 March 2009).

Daniel Dilley - A+, B+, C+, D+ WDSF Adjudicator



Over 15 years of dance experience
Purdue University Computer Science alumni
Head coach of the Purdue Latin & Ballroom Dance Team which competed on season 10 of Dancing with the Stars

Coached the dancers to a 1st round victory and choreographed the outstanding Cha-Cha for the finale

USA Dance National DanceSport Championships Amateur Adult Rhythm Runner-Up (2009)
Heartland Classic Amateur Adult Rhythm Champion (2008)
11th Annual Purdue Ballroom Classic Amateur Adult Rhythm Champion (2008)
2-time Windy City Open Amateur Adult Rhythm Scholarship Champion (2007-2008)

Maja Servé - A+, B+, C+, D+

Maja Servé was with her partner Glenn Weiss, 5 times Danish Professional Standard Champion and a finalist in all major championships including; World Championship, European Championship, British Open, German Open, US Open, Japan Open, 

Dutch Open, The International Championship and United Kingdom Championship. 

 Maja is examined to the level of Fellowship in all styles.

Not only was Maja a successful competitor, she has also proven herself to be a great teacher. She created a system around the principles and rules she was taught by her “dance father” (Benny Tolmeyer) and her “dance mother” (Janet Gleave). Since 1988 the system has helped many couple reach their goals while learning how the sciences, philosophy, anatomy and walking can create great dancing all in a lighthearted, logic and informative manner. 

Flo & Burt Jackson

Volunteer Coordinator & Deck Captain

Jack Jaubert

Deck Captain

Susie Buck - A+, B+, C+, D+ 

 Susie has achieved on the dance floor as a professional competitor by placing in the Rising Star Finals at the United States Championships, 10 dance finalist at the 2001 Star Challenge in Canada, and a 10 dance finalist at the Heritage Classic Dancesport Championships in 2005.  

  • I.S.T.D. Fellow in Ballroom & Licentiate in Latin, Smooth, Rhythm (A++B+C+D+) 
  • DVIDALicentiate in Standard & Latin, (A+B+)
  • C.D.T.A. Licentiate degree in Ballroom, Latin, Smooth, Rhythm (A+B+C+D+) 
  • USTALicentiate Standard & Latin(A+B+)
  • DVIDARegional Examiner
  • NDCAMember, and DEA  Member 
Maria St. John

Music Director

2019 to be Announced

Yuehwern Yih - A+, B+, C+, D+

WDSF Adjudicator

WDSF Chair of judges
USA Dance Chair of judges
WDSF & USA Dance Adjudicator
USA Dance Scrutineer



Over 20 years of dance experience

Finalist of many Professional events
Runner-up in various USA DanceSport Championships

Head coach of the Purdue Latin & Ballroom Dance Team which competed on season 10 of Dancing with the Stars

Founded the team over 20 years ago (in 1996)
Team is not only ranked highly nationally, but also the incubator of many DanceSport competitors, professionals, and lifelong dancers

3-time USA Dance National Amateur Rhythm Runner-Up (2007 - 2009)
Heartland Classic Amateur Rhythm Champion (2008)
2-time Windy City Open Amateur Rhythm Champion
Studied ballet and performed with the Lafayette Ballet Company


Our Vision

Inez Sahlin - A+, B+, C+, D+ WDSF


 Inez Sahlin is a Licenciate of the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing and a member of USA Dance, World DanceSport Federation, NDCA, World Dance Council, Dance Teacher's Club of Boston and CID (International Dance Council).
As an acclaimed World Championship and National adjudicator she represents the United States judging World and Continental Championships, Cups and many other International, Open and National Championships and competitions.
Her dance achievements include World Championship Finals, European Cup Semifinals, US Open Semifinals and numerous Championship titles.   

Salvatore Todaro - A+, B+  WDSF


Salvatore started to dance in 1993 in Verona, Italy.  His main teachers were World Champions Augusto Schiavo and Caterina Arzenton.

In his Youth he was:

  • Blackpool U21 Finalist
  • Rising Star 
    • 1st in UK Championship
    • 2nd in Blackpool
    • 2nd in German Open

As an Adult:

  • 12 times Bulgarian National Champion
  • finalist at the International Championships
  • WDSF World Cup winner
  • WDSF World Championship Finalist
  • 2 times IWGA World Games Finalist
  • Top 10 WDSF World Ranking for many years.

Stephen Hadley - A+, B+, C+, D+  WDSF

Stephen Hadley began his professional dance career with the Arthur Murray organization. As a professional competitor,  he is a former  Championship finalist in both Standard and Latin and represented the United States at the European Cup.  He served as Chairman of the Southeastern Regional Dance Board and was a member of the International Dance Board for Arthur Murray, Inc.  Steve holds Fellowships with the North American Dance Teachers Association in Standard,Latin, American Smooth, Rhythm and Theater Arts.  He has been a proud member of the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing for 47 years and currently serves on the National Committee.  Steve is a WDSF A 3.0 adjudicator and has had the honor to judge the World Youth Latin Championships in addition to many OpenChampionship events.  . 

Joe Huesmann


Inna Brayer - A+, B+, C+, D+ WDSF


Inna has participated in competitive ballroom dancing since the age of eight and has held the title of U.S.National Ten Dance Champion multiple times.  She has also been ranked as high as ninthin the world. She has represented the US insix World Championships. Inna participatedas a  professional dancer on Season 7 of Dancing with the Starsand was   partneredwith Ted Mc Ginley.She also served as  the choreographerfor the Rutgers   ballroom team performance on Season 9 of DWTS. She is presently thecoach of the current U.S.Junior and Pre-teen National Champions and serves on the governing council of USA Dance.

Sami Ylipiipari

Chair of Judges

Kim Smith - A+, B+, C+, D+ WDSF


Kimberly Smith has been teaching dancing for 37 years and has owned and operated                                                                                           Dr. Dance Studio, Inc. in Birmingham for 31 years.  Kim has enjoyed a fulfilling career as a professional competitor, pro/am competitor, teacher and currently coaches amateur and professional couples.   She holds both Memberships and Fellowships with the North American Dance Teachers Association and 

Licentiates with the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing, which embodies the world’s acknowledged leaders in the dance profession.  She continues to proudly serve the society on the National Committee as Treasurer of the USISTD. As an adjudicator, Kim is a WDSF  A 3.0 adjudicator and has had the honor of judging the WDSF World Sr. I Latin Championships as well as many Open WDSF Championship events.  Kim leads the newly formed Exam Department of USA Dance and serves on the Professional Council.

Trevor Luff - A+, B+, C+, D+

WDSF Adjudicator


Adjudicator for WDSF, USA Dancesport, and collegiate competitions , Invigilator for USA Dancesport competitions, and Chairman of judges for collegiate competitions, adjudicated/invigilated  USA Dancesport Nationals 2015.

He is also an Examiner for the WDSF and USA Dance.

WDSF Certified and Certified with Standard, Latin, Judging System2.1.
Triple Licentiate degree’s through the USISTD: American Smooth, rhythm, & Theatrearts.
Dual Fellowship degree’s I.S.T.D. International Standard & Latin.  Travelled throughout most of Asia teaching in Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. Taught for over 25 years; organizing Medal tests, local Competitions and Dances


Michelle Crowder & Lee Fulk

Registration Desk - Registrar

To further expand our outreach, we are establishing the Crowder DanceSport Foundation.  This foundation will be a 501C educational organization.  Contributions will be tax deductible, donations will be used for educational scholarships and the expansion of dance as a sport.  We are excited to be part of growing a positive and healthy sport in North Carolina, our nation and internationally. 

Join us and make your donation to dance today.

Andrea Zaramella - A+, B+, C+, D+  

Andrea Zaramella started dancing at the age of 9.  In his 27 year career in ballroom dance, several of his accomplishments include being the 2-Time World Under 21 Ballroom Champion, the 5-Time undefeated Italian Ballroom Champion, UK RS Professional Ballroom Champion and a finalist and runner-up in the Blackpool Dance Festival.  He also performed in several TV shows, and was a part of Dancing with the Stars in Italy. Andrea is now a certified WDC international adjudicator for Italy. Now based out of Charlotte, NC he currently teaches, coaches and choreographs for top performing competitive students, amateur and professional couples, and produces and manages shows and dance competitions in the US and Europe.   Andrea is also the founder of Tomorrow’s Champions Foundation, which is a charitable project that provides ballroom dance education and lessons for children and youth with disabilities with the goal of improving their future and creating an impact in their lives.

Wayne & Marie Crowder

Organizers - Registrar

Carolina Fall Classic DanceSport Championships 

October 4-6, 2019

Mark Cannon