Amateur Online Registration 

​​- To Register using 02cm, use the athlete's USA Dance Membership number to enter each athlete.  If an athlete has multiple partners, you must still enter that athlete's USA Dance Membership Number.   If you do not have the athlete's USA Dance Number, the 02cm system will enter a random number that will need to be corrected before Registration closes.  Avoid the problems and enter the USA Dance Membership Number upon registering.

WDSF World Open Senior I & II Standard and Latin - Must have a valid WDSF ID Card.   You must email your WDSF MIN number to the organizers.

​-  After Registering the couple enter your dances.  You may dance two age categories and two consecutive levels.  For example: Bronze & Silver.

-  Proceed to Step 5 on the o2cm page, this is where you purchase your Competitor's Pass.  Each competitor, both Amateur and Professional must purchase a Competitor's Pass.  This purchase pays for your entries and unlimited entry into the ballroom.  


       Early Registration  Adult Competitor's Pass      $ 160    
                                     Student Competitor's Pass (Student ID is required)  $  65  

      After Sept. 10th      Adult Competitor's Pass    $ 175
                                    Student Competitor's Pass (Student ID is required)  $  75



Pro/Am Registration

Pro/Am athletes may register online using the Amateur/Amateur method described above or by downloading the Pro/Am Registration Form below and emailing the form to the organizers at:
If you use the online method, o2cm will assign you a number.  Use that same number for all your Student's entries.      

          Registration       Professional Competitor's  Pass $65
                                                Pro/Am Student's  Pass  $65



Non-USA Citizens may register by contacting the organizers directly:

Online Registration

Online Registration opens May 1

Use your USA Dance Membership number when registering both you and your partner in o2cm.

If you have purchased your Am/Am Competitor's Pass to dance with your partner, you do not need to purchase a Teacher's Competitor's Pass.

Top Teacher Awards - OVER $5000 in Top Teacher Prize Money 

1st $2000 – Requires a Minimum of 200 entries

2nd $1500 – Requires a Minimum of 150 entries

3rd $1000 – Requires a Minimum of 100 entries

4th $500 – Requires a Minimum of 50 entries

5th $250 – Requires a Minimum of 25 entries

Our prices allow your students to get the most dancing for their money.

Single Dance Entry is only $25 
Two dance Bronze events only $30
Three dance Silver events only $35
Four dance Gold events only $40

5–dance Open Scholarship events only $75

Show Dance - 3 minute routine only $75

Over $1800 in scholarship money is available for the Student that enters 5 single dance events.

You and your student must purchase a Competitor’s Pass that gives you unlimited entry into the ballroom. 

Carolina Fall Classic DanceSport Championships 

October 4-6, 2019

Early Registration

Early Registration Ends Sept 10

Discounted entry fees MUST be received by September 10, 2018.  After that date, the standard fee is applicable.  Online entries will not be accepted beyond September 25, 2018.  To avoid possible rejection of entry, participants are urged to register early so that any problems may be resolved by the September 10, 2018 deadline. 

Cancellation Policy

Competitors cancelling by September 1, 2018 will receive a 75% refund; between September 1 and September 20, 2018 will receive a 50% refund. After September 20, 2018, no refund.  Please allow 30 days for processing.