Schedule of Events

The Final Schedule is based upon the total number of entries per event.  The Finals Schedule cannot be determined until online Registration closes Sept. 20th.  

The Final Schedule of Events will be posted at that time.

Preliminary Schedule Overview  -  These are not in the final order of events.

12:00 PM

Friday Session - Rhythm Senior II, III, IV, V 

​                           - Teacher/Student Rhythm Events

                           - Smooth Syllabus Senior II, III, IV, V

                           - Teacher/Student Smooth Events

Friday Evening 
                          - AD, S2 10-Dance Standard Dances 
                          - Adult Open Ten Dance (WTVFQ)

                          - Senior II Open Ten Dance (WTVFQ) 
                          - Adult Championship Smooth (WTFV) 

                          - Senior III Championship Standard  (WTVFQ) 
                          - Open Nine Dance Smooth Dances 
                          - Senior II Open Standard 
                          - Youth Championship Standard (WTVFQ) 
                          - Senior III Championship Standard (WTVFQ) 
                          - Senior I Championship Standard  (WTVFQ) 
                          - Adult Championship Latin (SCRPJ) 
                          - Open Nine Dance Rhythm Dances 
                          - Senior IV Championship Latin (SCRPJ) 

                          - Senior II Championship Latin  (SCRPJ) 
                          - AD, S2 10-Dance Latin Dances 
                          - Senior I Open Latin (SCRPJ) 

Saturday Session

                          - Youth Smooth Syllabus, Novice, PreChamp

                          - Senior II, III, IV, V Novice, PreChamp, Champ

                          -  Teacher/Student Smooth - continuation

                          - Youth Rhythm Syllabus, Novice, PreChamp

                          -  Latin Syllabus, Novice, PreChamp

                          -  Teacher/Student Latin

Saturday Evening

                           - Senior I Championship Latin (SCRPJ) 
                           - Senior III Open Standard (WTVFQ) 
                           - Senior II Championship Rhythm (CRSBM) 
                           - Adult Championship Rhythm (CRSBM) 
                           - Senior II Championship Standard (WTVFQ) 
                           - Senior I Championship Smooth (WTFV) 
                           - Senior III Open Standard  (WTVFQ) 
                           - Senior I Open Standard  (WTVFQ) 
                           - S3 10-Dance Standard Dances 
                           - Youth Championship Smooth (WTFV) 

                           - Youth Championship Latin (SCRPJ) 

                           - Adult Championship Standard (WTVFQ) 

Sunday Session

                            -  Solo Proficiency USA Dance Nationals

                            -  Standard Syllabus, Novice, PreChamp

                            -  Teacher/Student Standard Events

                            -  Rhythm Syllabus Adult, Senior I


6:00 PM Projected end of the competition.

The Final Schedule cannot be determined until Registration Closes Sept. 20th.

Registration Closes Sept. 20th.

2017 Carolina Fall Classic Program.pdf

Download the Competition Program for the Final Schedule of Events

Joe Huesmann 

Years of Experience:  10


Carolina Fall Classic

Oct 5-7 2018