2016 Carolina Fall Classic Scholarship Donors

These generous people, chapters, and companies are promoting ballroom dancing with their scholarship donations.
First Name            Last Name                        Amount

Anonymous                                                      $700.00

Joe & Claudia Badick                                       $300.00

Dan & Carole          Barber                               $250.00

Dance Connection                                            $100.00

Dance Creation                                                 $100.00

Dancing Videos                                                 $100.00

Tim & Judy Daughtry                                         $100.00

John & Penny  DeFino                                       $100.00

Charles & Miriam Ferzli                                       $200.00

Phil Lee & Patricia Goh                                       $300.00

Guilford Grange 1036                                         $150.00

Carol Lockwood                                                  $100.00

Infinity Ballroom                                                  $300.00

Burt & Flo  Jackson                                            $200.00

Jack & Suzanne  Jaubert                                     $200.00

Mark and Raziya  Lichtenberger                           $250.00

Gerald & Harol   Meisner                                      $100.00

Robert & Marcia  Miller                                        $100.00

Okan  Pala                                                           $100.00

Mel & Victoria   Paterline                                      $150.00

Jack & Susan  Reinhold                                       $350.00

Terry & Cindy  Romine                                         $100.00

Jerry & Jo Ann    Synder                                       $200.00

Irsan & Cami  Tisabudi                                       $1,500.00

Rockie and Marylou  Troxler                                  $100.00

 USA Dance Carolina Heartland Chapter # 6092    $450.00

USA Dance Central Florida Chapter # 6002           $100.00

USA Dance Charlotte Chapter # 6029                    $400.00

USA Dance  Lake Norman Chapter # 6119            $500.00

USA Dance  Triangle Chapter # 6030                     $350.00

VEdance                                                                 $100.00

Walt & Jan Ward                                                     $100.00


Ann Smith Scholarship Fund

USA Dance Central Oklahoma Chapter                $250.00

Ken & Jenny  Howell                                               $500.00

Jack   Jaubert                                                          $50.00

Darry Martin                                                              $100.00

Steve Hadley &  Kim Smith                                       $200.00

Steve & Jane  Richardson                                         $100.00


Platinum Level

​Lorenco Industries, Inc.

 Frank & Cathy Burzik

Calvin & Ruth Long 

Silver Level

 The Carolina Heartland Chapter of USA Dance 

The Lake Norman Chapter of USA Dance

The Charlotte Chapter of USA Dance

Bronze Level

John & Robin Hall




If you would like to volunteer to help

Questions: contact Linda Jackson linda.jackson.cfc@gmail.com

Carolina Fall Classic

​Sept 29 - Oct 1



Would you like to support the Carolina Fall Classic DanceSport Championships by providing a Sponsorship or scholarship? 

Sponsorship Donations – 
It takes money to put on these events.   Sponsorships help provide premier athletic competitions at a reasonable cost to the competitor.   Donations enable us to provide a considerable discount to our youth competitors as well as financial assistance in those special cases where students or teams need help to attend the competition.  Overall, Sponsorships enables everyone to enjoy dancing.  A huge "thank you" to all of our sponsors.

are given to the winners of various events throughout the competition to support the athletes in their training as well as adding excitement to the event.  A special thanks to all whoe have donated scholarships to the Southeastern DanceSport Championships..

In consideration of our supporters of DanceSport, we have established the Crowder DanceSport Nonprofit Corporation.  This is a 501c3 nonprofit corporation where your contributions are  tax deductible. Donations will be used for educational scholarships and promotional programs for the expansion of dance as a sport.  We are excited to be a part of growing a positive and healthy sport in North Carolina, our nation and internationally. 

 If you would like to support dancesport, contact us at