Carolina Fall Classic DanceSport Championships 

October 5-7, 2018

USA Dance Solo Proficiency Nationals

  USA DanceSport Rulebook 


 3.10.1 A Solo Proficiency competitor consists of a DanceSport Athlete in the Pre-Teen I  through Senior V age category. 

 3.10.2 Solo Proficiency events are danced without a partner, whereby the athlete is judged on a solo execution of their syllabus material. 

 3.10.3 For Solo Proficiency events, eligibility is determined by the DanceSport    Athlete’s proficiency level. 

3.10.4 Male and female Athletes must be judged separately in Solo Proficiency events. 
3.10.5 Solo Proficiency events are restricted to the Bronze, Silver and Gold Syllabus.

Registering for Solo Proficiency

To Register for this event, go to the Registration Page and sign up as you would any other leader and follower couple.  Use "N/A" for the leader of the couple.  The o2cm system will automatically issue a Membership number to this designation.

For the follower, enter their USA Dance Competitor's Membership number and the rest of the contact information.  Then proceed by selecting your events.

The Carolina Fall Classic is proud to be hosting the 2018 USA Dance Solo Proficiency National Championships for the second year in a row.  This incredible event gives single athletes a chance to compete in DanceSport.  

The participates must follow all the DanceSport rules in regard to costuming, invigilation, and age categories.